Quick vertical anchor windlasses


Quick has introduced its latest vertical anchor windlasses, the Aleph and Dylan. The windlasses are constructed from heavy-duty materials for trouble-free operation, according to the company.


For boats from 22 to 49 feet, the Aleph is manufactured from aluminum anodized in hard oxide. Unlike common types of anodization, this method provides a hard oxide layer up to 50 microns thick for corrosion resistance and durability, says Quick sales manager Phillip Rhudy. Available in three models, the Aleph delivers a maximum pull of 1,500 to 2,425 pounds, maximum working load of 660 to 1,190 pounds and maximum chain recovery speed of 75 to 134 feet per minute.

The windlass can support 8-millimeter and 5/16-inch chain spliced to 1/2-inch, 9/16-inch and 5/8-inch rope, or 10-millimeter and 3/8-inch chain spliced to 5/8-inch rope. The Dylan features a 316 stainless-steel shell with a hard, anodized-aluminum alloy internal structure. It is designed for vessels 38 to 64 feet. Available in three models as well, the Dylan can handle a maximum pull of 2,425 to 2,866 pounds, working load of 882 to 1,653 pounds and chain recovery speed of 115 to 128 feet per minute. The windlass is compatible with 10-millimeter and 3/8-inch chain spliced to 5/8-inch and 3/4-inch rope, or 12/13-millimeter and 7/16-inch chain spliced to 3/4-inch rope.

The Aleph and Dylan can handle both rope anchor line and chain on a single gypsy. The windlasses include an easy-to-open inspection lid, built-in sensor for a chain counter, manual free fall and emergency manual lift system to enable recovery of chain in case of power loss. Both are available in a high-profile version with an optional drum, which is $60 to $75 extra. The company also offers a rope-only version. The windlasses are backed by a 3-year warranty. The Aleph models are $1,303 (700-watt), $1,398 (1,000-watt) and $2,071 (1,500-watt); the Dylan models are $2,540 (1,500-watt), $2,824 (1,700-watt) and $3,349 (2,000-watt, 24-volt only). Contact: Quick U.S.A., Glen Burnie, Md., (410) 768-5991, www.quickusa.com.


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