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Report looks at angler lifestyle segmentation

A new report produced for the American Sportfishing Association sheds light on angler lifestyles, demographics and more.

A new report, the fourth of six produced for the American Sportfishing Association, sheds light on angler lifestyles, demographics and more.

Angler Segmentation: Looking at Licensed Anglers by Lifestyle (produced by Southwick Associates) combines residency information from fishing license data with a classification system for neighborhood types across the country, defined by key demographic and socioeconomic characteristics.

“We’re giving our members a closer look at the lifestyle choices of their customers and potential customers,” American Sportfishing Association president and CEO Mike Nussman said in a statement. “This will help manufacturers and retailers identify growth opportunities; better target their advertising, product marketing strategies, in-store promotions; and determine the best locations for new retail operations.”

This segmentation data can reveal what kind of fishing certain clusters of people would most likely take up and the types of equipment and brands they’re likely to choose — all of which can be helpful to sportfishing businesses, the ASA said.

“Where you live is highly correlated with the lifestyle choices you make, including the pastimes you pursue and the products you buy,” said Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates. “When neighborhood types are aligned with fishing-license data, we get much more specific information about current anglers’ lifestyles and the potential market for luring more.”


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