Residents respond to closure of Colorado lake


Boaters on a Colorado lake are pushing back against a ban on trailered boats. Trade Only Today reported last week that the city of Westminster, Colo., would not allow trailered boats on Standley Lake because of concerns over invasive zebra and quagga mussels. Boaters and residents are not happy.

“A number of us bought homes purely for this reason,” boater Sean Allen told “It’s disheartening and feels like a dictatorship.”

Community member Kathy Escobar said that the announcement has made it difficult for boaters to find alternatives. “There are waiting lists everywhere,” she said.

Standley Lake is already considered a highly restricted body of water that has some of the most thorough decontamination procedures in Colorado.

Allen called the notion that the boats are transporting aquatic invasive species “ludicrous.” Non-trailered, non-motorized boats like canoes and kayaks are still allowed.

Westminster city manager Don Tripp told the website that boaters were finding ways around the protection systems, which put the lake at risk. “We could no longer assure that we weren’t allowing contaminated boats into the lake,” he explained.

He added that currently there is no evidence of mussels in the lake, which serves as the water source for Westminster and two neighboring towns, but the city felt it could not take the risk. “Unfortunately, this is one of those situations that is untenable,” said Tripp.

Westminster is holding a community meeting on Tuesday April 2 to discuss the matter.