Resin producers increase their prices


Reichhold and Cook Composites and Polymers announced price increases this week.

Reichhold announced a price increase of 8 cents a pound on all unsaturated polyester and vinylester resins sold in North America for the composites industry.

This increase is effective for all orders shipped on or after May 16.

"Escalating raw material prices, freight rates and energy costs, coupled with limited supply of some raw materials, continue to drive up our costs in an unrelenting fashion, leaving us no choice but to raise our prices once again," CEO John Gaither said in a statement. "We appreciate the understanding of our customers as we work to limit the impact of rising costs and limited raw material availability upon product pricing and supply."

Cook announced a price increase for all emulsions products. Effective for shipments on and after May 1, prices will increase 7 cents a pound for all ESI-CRYL emulsion polymers, concentrates, waxes and resin solutions. ESI-REZ hard resins will increase by 12 cents a pound.

Continued increases in raw material costs, coupled with extremely tight supplies of key acrylic monomers, have driven the increase, the company said.