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Resin producers raise prices


AOC and Cook Composites and Polymers recently announced price increases.

AOC will increase prices on all products with shipments on and after April 11, the company announced.

"The supply of several raw materials, such as propylene glycol, maleic anhydride and epoxy, among others, has been affected by unplanned outages which, coupled with improved demand, is compounding supply issues and resulting in raw material increases," the company said in a statement.

"Also, geopolitical events in North Africa and the Middle East show no abatement for raw materials," AOC added.

Click here for the full list of price increases in the United States and Canada.

AOC also announced a price increase for all products, including polyester resins, vinylester resins, gelcoats and pigments, of 7 cents a pound for all shipments to, from and within Mexico, Latin America, South America and the Caribbean.

The implementation date for the increase is for all shipments on and after April 7.

Cook Composites and Polymers will implement a price increase of 7 to 9 cents a pound for Reafree powder coating resins, depending on chemistry.

The new prices will be effective for orders shipped on or after April 1.

"This increase is a result of the continued escalation in feedstock pricing, which impacts the cost of raw materials such as neopentyl glycol, isophthalic acid and terephthalic acid," said Chris White, director of sales for CCP's coatings division, in a statement.


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