Reunited on the Water

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Vantage Resource Group has piggybacked on its online tool designed to allow dealers to network inventory needs during an economic crisis with free marketing resources.

The campaign, called Reunited on the Water, is designed to help dealers promote safe boating for customers, and also encourage people to get back on the water — safely.

The campaign offers dealers an opportunity to use Vantage-created templates to insert their own boat brands and dealership.

“Our team knows that one of the first expenses dealers think about cutting is their marketing efforts,” said Vantage Resource Group president Ross Solwold in a statement. “When we thought about that, and we coupled that with the idea that the general public is starting to be outside and on the water, we felt an urge to use our vast marketing resources to help develop new materials for dealers. And we believe the Reunited on the Water messaging is exactly the type consumers and boaters need in today’s world.”

The assets are available through the company’s wholesale tool website, and offers two options. The first includes a standard image with the Reunited on the Water message and a set of Social Distancing Together Guidelines. An upgraded version, which is also free, includes a spot to insert a dealership video.

“As dealers have seen a decline in boat sales and have been forced to trim back expenses, these resources come at the perfect time,” said Marine Retailers Association of the Americas president Matt Gruhn. “And we believe with the level of boater activity on our waterways that the messaging that Vantage Resource Group includes in these materials will resonate with consumers in a big way.”