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Review lays groundwork for sea-level impact projects

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National Marine Manufacturers Association members in pilot locations might see the first steps toward economic and environmental infrastructure changes that aim to address the impact of rising sea levels.

A review by the National Research Council, requested by state and federal agencies, will be used to ensure that California is safeguarding its citizens, strengthening its economy and minimizing impacts to natural resources by investing in climate-ready development and infrastructure, according to the NMMA.

This review sets a standard for state and local projects moving forward, related to the impact of rising sea levels.

The study, titled “Sea-Level Rise for the Coasts of California, Oregon and Washington: Past, Present and Future,” finds that previous data showing accelerated sea level rise is consistent with their research conclusions.

State agencies are already integrating the state guidance on sea level projections into their regulatory and funding decisions.

In 2011, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission unanimously adopted policies to consider sea level rise for major shoreline projects and to prepare a regional adaptation strategy.

Recognizing that most response to sea level rise will occur at the local level, the commission is also working with local, state and federal partners on its Adapting to Rising Tides project, which is formulating measures and approaches to respond to sea level rise.

The NMMA will continue to follow any state and local projects related to rising sea levels and report these measures to members as the arise.

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