Sea Tow Foundation launches advisory council

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The Sea Tow Foundation said in a statement that it is organizing a new North American Sober Skipper Advisory Council. The group said the council will represent “diverse and influential marine industry representatives, with plans for the group to collaborate on current and future boating safety messages and initiatives primarily involving its popular Sober Skipper campaign.”

The Sober Skipper program launched in 2015 and has developed partnerships with more than 130 organizations in 32 states. Sober Skipper is funded through a grant from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, as administered by the Coast Guard.

“We are actively reaching out and seeking feedback from marine industry stakeholders about how to work together to most effectively promote boating safety through our Sober Skipper initiative,” said Gail R. Kulp, executive director of the Sea Tow Foundation. “Our primary goal in organizing and launching the Sober Skipper Advisory Council is to engage the industry from multiple touchpoints in order to both maximize the messaging impact and extend our campaign reach. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of boating accidents and deaths on our waterways.”

The initial group of advisory council members will be announced by April 1 and will serve a two-year term. Kulp said the foundation is seeking candidates from retail, manufacturing, media, associations, boat shows, boating safety, government, service industry and general influencer sectors.

“We highly value and respect the commitments of our industry partners and will focus and guard our time requirements accordingly,” Kulp said. “We believe the council can collectively identify further initiatives to help us strengthen the overall Sober Skipper campaign deliverables and provide new insights and recommendations on strategies to generate broader industry awareness, participation and adoption.”

More information is available here.


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