Sea Tow Foundation launches new awards

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The Sea Tow Foundation announced the launch of the “National Boating Industry Safety Awards.” The awards will be judged by the foundation’s North American Sober Skipper Advisory Council. The foundation said in a statement that the awards will recognize “the best boating safety work in the for-profit sector” of the U.S. recreational boating sector.

The awards will be broken into four separate categories that include retailers, manufacturers, media and marketing. The first awards will be handled out at Boating Industry’s Elevate Summit on November 22 in Orlando, Florida.

Sea Tow Foundation Executive Director Gail R. Kulp said the North American Sober Skipper Advisory Council plans to spotlight “best in class work” of boat dealers, boat manufacturers and marine media. A fourth award will be presented for the best overall marine marketing outreach program that promotes boating safety.

“While there are some existing boating safety award programs, none focus on and recognize the contributions of the greater for-profit sector of the marine industry,” said Kulp in the statement. “Our goal is to help build awareness and inspire new opportunities within the for-profit sector to better promote boating safety and to showcase best practices throughout the industry within the U.S. We hope our program will ultimately spur greater industry support and participation in the future.”

“We are very pleased to participate with the Sea Tow Foundation and the North American Sober Skipper Advisory Council in hosting the inaugural awards presentation at our Elevate Summit,” said Top 100 and Elevate Managing Director Jonathan Sweet in the statement. “Our event is designed for key influencers and decision-makers throughout the boating industry, so we felt this new award presentation was perfectly suited for our audience and our venue.”

Nominations will be accepted between August 15 – October 1, 2019. Applications are available for download at


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