Sea Tow location opens in Georgia


Capt. Jon Gridley opened a new Sea Tow Services International location on Lake Oconee, Ga.

It is the first Sea Tow franchise on the 19,000-acre lake off I-20 between Atlanta and Augusta.

Gridley also runs the Sea Tow Clarks Hill Lake location northwest of Augusta on the South Carolina border.

“Lake Oconee is a very busy body of water,” Gridley said in a statement. “People come from all over the country to stay in homes there and to use the lake. Even though it is about a third of a size of Clarks Hill Lake, it’s heavily populated and there is quite a need for Sea Tow.”

Sea Tow Lake Oconee, which is based in Greensboro, Ga., employs four Coast Guard-licensed captains and has two assistance vessels — a 25-foot SteigerCraft powerboat and a 19-foot Boston Whaler. The SteigerCraft, powered by twin 150-hp engines, will be berthed at The WaterFront Marina on Lake Oconee. The Boston Whaler, powered by a 175-hp engine, is on a trailer for faster deployment on the 20-mile-long lake.

In 2012 Gridley received an international lifesaving award from the Association for Rescue at Sea and a Coast Guard Extraordinary Assistance Award for his role in a July 4, 2011, rescue.


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