Sea Tow offers tips to boaters on water during eclipse

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Parts of the United States will be treated to a solar eclipse on Monday.

For a period of time sections of the country will be in the dark; other areas will be in a dusk-like light in the middle of the day.

Sea Tow said some boaters might find themselves on the water Monday in an unfamiliar situation that is similar to night. The company offered tips to help boaters enjoy the eclipse and stay safe on the water.

Sea Tow is advising boaters who want to watch the eclipse from a boat to have proper eye protection to avoid causing permanent retina damage and it urged boaters to research the time that the eclipse will occur in their area.

Sea Tow also advised boaters to be anchored and settled for the eclipse, which could last three to six minutes.

The company further cautioned boaters to be sure their navigation lights are working properly in case other boats are nearby; boaters are urged to consider a spotlight in case a boat approaches and is unable to see other boats in the water.

Sea Tow also encouraged boaters to have life jackets within reach and to apply sunscreen.

The last time the United States experienced a total eclipse was in 1978, but the weather was cloudy and most people could not see it. The country will not see another eclipse until 2024.