Sea Tow receives customer innovation award


Optimum Lightpath, a market leader in Ethernet-based communication solutions for New York metropolitan area businesses, announced Sea Tow Services International Inc. is the winner of its 2012 Customer Innovator of the Year Award.

Sea Tow joined nine other finalists that were recognized at an annual ceremony held Thursday at The Four Seasons in New York.

“Optimum Lightpath prides itself on being innovative in how it works with customers to understand their needs and collaborate to develop the products and services that help them advance,” Dave Pistacchio, president of Optimum Lightpath, said in a statement. “Our annual Customer Innovator Awards give us an opportunity to showcase how our customers are using our products and solutions to transform industries, stand out in their fields and pursue new opportunities.”

Based in Southold, N.Y., Sea Tow Services International has provided on-water assistance to boaters since 1983. Since that time Sea Tow has grown to include almost 100 locations across the United States and the Caribbean, as well as locations in Europe and Australia.

“One key area of innovation for us has been communication, which is so very vital in our line of work,” Capt. Joseph Frohnhoefer, CEO of Sea Tow, said in a statement. “We operate a complex telecommunications system that is our primary link to people out on the water that need our help. Sea Tow trusts the support of this system to Optimum Lightpath, which gives us the flexibility, performance and reliability we need to serve our customers and continue along our path of innovation.”

Sea Tow relies on a combination of support mechanisms to help it take calls from and respond to boaters that need assistance, including direction finders, VHF radio and a national call center utilizing VoIP technology based at the company’s headquarters in Southold.

To further extend how and where it can reach customers, the company developed a RoIP (VHF Radio over IP) system that works nationwide, as well as Android and iPhone apps. These tools give Sea Tow captains and crew the ability to stay better connected to boaters to locate them more quickly.

“With Optimum Lightpath we’ve had no breakdowns, no problems and no outages,” Frohnhoefer said. “As a result, we can rely fully on our cutting-edge telecommunications technology. By working with Optimum Lightpath we have the capabilities we need to further expand our business and implement the tools of the future today.”


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