Siren Marine partners with American Magic

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Siren Marine has been selected as the official connected boat supplier to American Magic, the New York Yacht Club’s challenging team for the 36 America’s Cup.

Siren’s connected boat technology will be used aboard all support vessels and VIP boats in the American Magic fleet. The boats will be used to support the team during training and races in the United States and around the world. Siren Marine’s MTC connected boat system and fleet management portal will provide remote-monitoring, tracking and control capabilities.

Siren lets the team track location and coordinate movements of its boats while monitoring battery condition, bilge activity and other potential mechanical issues. Siren Marine is working with global cellular communications provider Vodafone for connectivity between the vessels and personnel anywhere in the world.

“The advanced technology lets us know exactly where our support boats are and gives us confidence that they are ready at any given time,” Rob Ouellette, COO of American Magic, said in a statement. “The security features of Siren Marine gave us peace of mind that all our assets are secure. SirenFleet allows us to monitor critical systems of our chase boats from anywhere, giving our team a world-class tool to help us meet the demanding tasks placed on our chase-boat fleet and achieve our overall goal of winning back the cup. The fact that the system works seamlessly in more than 180 countries also played an important role in our decision to partner with Siren Marine.”