Sober Skipper Advisory council holds first meeting

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A sober skipper can be identified by a yellow wristband.

A sober skipper can be identified by a yellow wristband.

Sea Tow Foundation’s North American Sober Skipper Advisory Council held its first meeting in earlier this month.

Sea Tow Foundation executive director Gail Kulp said the purpose of the council has been reviewed and adopted by the executive task force and 13 stakeholder members representing the marine industry.

“We created this new organization to help bridge the gap between the non-profit recreational boating safety community and the for-profit industry,” Kulp said in a statement. “Our council represents the for-profit segment of the recreational boating industry, and our desire is to discuss and address general boating safety issues in addition to our Sea Tow Foundation’s signature programs, including the Life Jacket Loaner Program and the Sober Skipper Program. By collaborating with council members, we hope to work together to help strengthen overall industry messaging, awareness and adoption of boating safety initiatives.”

In addition, the foundation acknowledged National Safe Boating Week and encouraged support and engagement through individual and corporate social media initiatives. The Sea Tow Foundation also provided a marketing support toolkit for council members.

“The more the recreational boating industry gets on board promoting boating safety, the stronger and more impactful the message will be to the general boating public,” Kulp said. “We’ve also invited our council members to share their own company boating safety initiatives and have been very impressed by the good work many of these organizations have already initiated.”

The council also discussed developing a national boating safety awards program and is working on parameters, categories and criteria for judging.


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