Speakers tout alternative fuel at NMMA event

The NMMA hosted an event in connection with the recent endorsement of biobutanol at the Washington Marina in Washington, D.C.
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The National Marine Manufacturers Association hosted an event for stakeholders in connection with the recent endorsement of biobutanol at the Washington Marina in Washington, D.C.

The June 17 event saw participants ranging from the Department of Energy to the American Motorcycle Association, as well as many other organizations that are concerned with the introduction of marine engine-friendly biofuels into the energy market.

The event featured two speakers: John McKnight, NMMA director of environmental safety and compliance and vice president of government relations, and Jeff Wasil, Evinrude’s engineering manager for emissions testing, certification and regulatory development.

The two explained their extensive testing of biobutanol during the past five years and the positive results they found. Both speakers highlighted their dual purpose of keeping emissions down while being safe for engines, and on both accounts biobutanol fit the bill.

“We’ve looked at the situation and offered a real solution for the industry and consumers,” Wasil said, according to the NMMA.

Throughout its testing, biobutanol was compared with ethanol, currently the most researched and available form of biofuel on the market. Because gasoline containing more than 10 percent ethanol has proved harmful to marine engines, biobutanol was looked at as a better alternative for the maritime market.

In all cases, biobutanol proved to be as environmentally friendly and usable as ethanol without being harmful to marine engines.

“The recreational boating industry is proud to be on the leading edge of renewable fuel research as we continue to work toward a solution for our industry and the many others that are impacted by the RFS,” McKnight said. “This fuel is a safe, viable alternative to ethanol.”

The research and findings are available to download here.


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