Swiss charter company offers fractional ownership

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Floating Life Charter & Brokerage is launching a fractional ownership program for the M/Y Inspiration B, a Custom Line 97.

The company said the concept of fractional ownership is becoming acknowledged as the logical and more astute way of owning high-end luxury products such as yachts, property, planes and cars.

The company said the new 2015 fractional ownership offer is based on the achievements it had from the launches of Ocean Emerald (2009), Ocean Pearl (2010) and Ocean Sapphire (2011), the management and the chartering of the three 41-meter superyacht Foster+Partner's design.

“One of the benefits of fractional ownership is that it allows owners to enjoy a luxurious and prestigious lifestyle at a fraction of the cost of sole ownership while freeing up capital for other forms of asset allocation that would otherwise be invested as a sole owner,” the company said.

The entry fee is 2 million euros or about $2.265 million. Yearly operating costs are 300,000 euros or about $340,000. The company also breaks out estimates for charter income.