Targeting the next generation of industry workers

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Industry executives promote boating as a strong career choice.

Industry executives promote boating as a strong career choice.

Boating industry companies and associations exhibited at a conference in Boston that targeted school guidance counselors as part of a workforce development initiative. The conference had more than 3,600 attendees.

The “Explore Careers in the Boating Industry” booth saw more than 1,500 visitors over three days, according to a story in NMMA’s e-newsletter Currents today. The goal was to target high school and middle school students through their guidance counselors and convince them that the boating industry would be a good career track.

NMMA worked with MIASF, MMTA and Yamaha Marine in the booth. The industry participants shared information with attendees. MRAA and RIMTA also played key roles in pulling the event together, according the story.

“The counselors were very engaged and eager to learn more about specific career, apprenticeship and training opportunities in our industry as they are all receiving more pressure and resources to identify and share career pathways with their students, outside of a four-year college degree," said Julie Balzano, NMMA's senior director for workforce development.

“The opportunity to connect with educators at this conference to discuss career opportunities in the marine industry, has been invaluable,” added Joe Maniscalco, Yamaha Marine’s service division manager, who leads its workforce development initiative. “These guidance counselors influence the workforce of tomorrow and our presence here has opened the door to careers in boating.”

Exhibitors at the conference also included the National Association of Surveyors, landscape professionals, automotive, construction, trade unions, electricians, physical therapy, commercial pilots, and nearly every branch of the U.S. military.