Torqeedo acquires Moonwave Systems


German electric hybrid engine manufacturer Torqeedo bought Moonwave Systems GmbH, also based in Germany, in an effort to bring hybrid drives to the yachting industry.

The agreement struck by both companies will be formally announced Saturday at the Düsseldorf Boat Show.

The hybrid drive system integrates components from Torqeedo's Deep Blue product line — the winner of multiple international innovation awards — and from Moonwave Systems.

The newly developed system will not only provide hybrid electric propulsion, it also will power all AC and DC house loads, including air conditioning and large home-style appliances.

Green energy from regeneration and solar panels will be fully integrated into the vessel’s energy management system. Yachts equipped with the new hybrid drive system can travel silently, offer joystick docking and enjoy quiet and environmentally friendly energy sources while at anchor, the company said.

"This is a really significant step for marine hybrid systems," Torqeedo GmbH CEO Christoph Ballin said in a statement. "Combining Moonwave's state-of-the-art system developments with our high-tech propulsion systems, we can provide a fully integrated solution for propulsion and energy management. All components have been designed to work together and have been tested in a complete system setup. For complex hybrid systems, this is extremely important.”

“We founded Moonwave Systems to offer the most advanced hybrid drive concept for yachts on the market,” Moonwave Systems managing director Stephan Schambach said in a statement. “In recent months we recognized that the best way of accomplishing that is through working with Torqeedo. We're delighted to be realizing our concept and bringing it to market, together with the team from Torqeedo."

Products resulting from the merger will be aimed at yacht builders, but existing yachts can be retrofitted with the new systems.

Moonwave Systems GmbH, which develops renewable energy drive and power supply concepts for yachts, was founded in 2012 in Jena.

Torqeedo, founded in Starnberg, has received multiple awards, including the DAME Award in 2012 and the National Marine Manufacturers Association Award in 2010 and 2013.