TowBoatU.S. location opens in Pennsylvania


A new TowBoatU.S. location is opening in Lake Wallenpaupack, Pa.

Capt. Kevin Trevor is a Coast Guard-licensed captain and will head the new location. He'll be helped by his stepfather and part-time captain Charlie Dunn.

"We get a lot of folks here for the weekend and sometimes they'll run their battery down or forget how much fuel they left in the tank. We're just one call away," Trevor said in a statement. "We want to be the convenient solution to their problem. It's very affordable peace of mind."

Trevor grew up on Lake Wallenpaupack and began working at a local marina in high school. Just 21 years old, he is also a graduate of the Marine Mechanic Institute in Florida. In addition to providing routine on-the-water assistance to boaters, Trevor hopes to volunteer his services to local authorities. While the company is not an official rescue service, it offers one of the few vessels available to support the local fire department.

This story was corrected to reflect innacuracies in a BoatU.S. press release. Click here for the corrected release.


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