TowBoatUS: Memorial Day Weekend Will Be Among Busiest Ever

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As more states relax stay-at-home guidelines and outdoor recreational restrictions approaching Memorial Day weekend, TowBoatUS expects to see a big uptick in the number of requests for assistance.

“While there are some locations where recreational boating hasn’t quite returned yet, those will be the exception this Memorial Day weekend,” says BoatUS vice president of towing services John Condon in a statement. “Boating is an approved activity and boaters are social distancing, so we believe they will be on the water in a big way, trying to get to back to what’s familiar and enjoyable with the family.”

TowBoatUS fleet of more than 600 response vessels will be ready, as Condon predicts calls for the most common types of events — engine breakdowns, dead batteries, running aground or a tow back to home port — will be up 20 percent or more.

“We think that’s a conservative number,” Condon said.

Although breakdowns occur regularly during the start of boating season, a rush to launch boats this year and skip important spring commissioning steps will most likely lead to the surge in calls.