TowBoatUS Norris Lake under new ownership

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(L-R) Captains Robert Dial and Durand Carmany, new owners of TowBoatUS Norris Lake.

(L-R) Captains Robert Dial and Durand Carmany, new owners of TowBoatUS Norris Lake.

With more than 20 years of experience volunteering and working with a local salvage and recovery company, Robert Dial and Durand Carmany are the new owners of TowBoatUS Norris Lake in Tennessee.

“We both grew up on the lake fishing as kids,” said Carmany in a statement. “We’ve been driving boats since we could see over the console, but assisting boaters has now become a professional career for us.”

When Carmany and Dial learned that the former owners of the business wanted to sell, the duo jumped at the chance to buy it.

“Boaters experience a variety of problems on this waterway as the seasons change,” said Dial. “Every winter there’s a 40-foot depth change in the lake, which presents problems with springtime with underwater hazards, shallow points, rocks and unseen objects. Even the boat seasoned boaters will sometimes run aground or need assistance.”

When it comes to running the business, Carmany and Dial will have help from some important people, their wives Katy Carmany and Deborah Dial, who work in bookkeeping and public relations for the company. “This new opportunity is a win-win for us all,” said Durand Carmany. “We get to be on the water doing what we love, and more importantly, we’re helping people when they need assistance. Some day we hope this business can be turned over to our kids and they can continue it on the next generation.”

TowBoatUS Norris Lake operates two 21-foot center-console boats with single outboards that are kept near Indian River Marina, which is centrally located on the lake. Both boats have the signature red hullsides and white BoatUS logo and are equipped for towing, jump starts, fuel delivery and soft ungroundings. Separate from the services offered through BoatUS, the company also refloats sunken boats and provides salvage services.

Boaters can reach TowBoatUS Norris Lake by hailing on VHF channel 16, calling the company directly at 423-494-4177, dialing the BoatUS toll-free dispatch center at 800-391-4869 or by using the BoatUS App.