TowBoatUS opens in Lake Cumberland and Alameda

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TowBoatUS Alameda’s 28-foot response boats.

TowBoatUS Alameda’s 28-foot response boats.

Two TowBoatUS franchise owners have added new locations. Rich Lenardson, who began his first 24-hour service in 2007 on Lake Michigan, is opening his ninth location in the Great Lakes on Lake Cumberland.

TowBoatUS Lake Cumberland operates two 25-foot former Coast Guard SAFE boats with twin 250-hp outboards.

“I believe we can serve boaters well, both on and off the water,” Lenardson said in a statement.

Phil Delano opened a third TowBoatUS location in Alameda, the newest for TowBoat San Francisco Bay and Delta, which operates at San Francisco’s Gashouse Cove and Bethel Island.

Conditions are challenging in the area, according to BoatUS, with Pacific swells 50 miles off the Golden Gate Bridge and the Sacramento River Deep Water Ship Channel nearly 70 miles inland.

“We’ve assisted everyone from oceangoing yachts to 16-foot bass boats,” Delano said in a separate statement. “The unexpected can happen to anyone.”


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