Trade Only invites dealers to take March survey

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Dealers who want to give feedback on current market conditions and sentiment are invited to participate in a five-question, anonymous survey with room for optional comments.

The Pulse Report, which is administered via a partnership between Baird Research, the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, and Trade Only Today analyzes industry data points such as new-boat demand, inventory levels and access to credit.

It also includes the Marine Retail Sentiment Index, a confidence index for retailers, providing a glimpse into how dealers feel about current and future market conditions.

Each month the fifth question will change based on current trends and conditions.

The MRAA and Baird Research launched the Pulse Report in 2013 as the first of its kind for marine retailers, later partnering with Trade Only to distribute the survey. Baird gathers the data and compiles it into a report that Trade Only then reports to the industry.

Click here for a link to the March survey.