Trailer Boats magazine plans redesign

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Trailer Boats magazine, which covers trailerable boats and the tow vehicles that pull them, will launch a redesign with its May issue.

"The principal thought guiding our team in the redesign efforts has been to uncover new ways to more effectively communicate how boats and tow vehicles run, how they work and how to fix them," publisher/editor director Jim Hendricks wrote in the May issue of Trailer Boats.

The magazine added a new Shake Down section that incorporates tests with technical sidebars. The new section will include information on products from around the trailer-boating market, including fishing boats, PWC, new tow vehicles and marine electronics.

Other sections also received tweaks: The Boat Improvement column was discontinued in favor of moving the topics it covered into the main feature section to allow greater room for detail; columnist Jim Barron's Propulsion Report was renamed "Barron Report" to give the author wider latitude to cover the industry; and the new-products section was renamed "Gearhead" to reflect the technical mentality of the Trailer Boats staff.

In addition to the print redesign, Trailer Boats is currently working on a redesign of its Web site.

Trailer Boats is part of Affinity Boating Media.


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