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Trump pause on tariffs will impact fishing equipment and PFDs

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The Trump administration’s decision to delay duty increases on certain products targeted in a new $300 billion round of tariffs was welcomed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. The announcement was made earlier this week that the implementation of 10 percent higher duties on Section 301 List 4 items from China would be moved from September 1, 2019 to December 15, 2019. The list includes fishing equipment and lifejackets.

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative published two separate lists: List 4A and List 4B. Products on List 4A will be subject to the 10 percent tariff beginning on September 1, while goods on List 4B will receive a tariff on December 15, which includes the marine equipment.

The NMMA said in today’s Currents that it was “in favor” of the delay, but noted the later date is “only temporary and does not cover all recreational boating industry items on List 4 or address underlying trade issues with China.”

“It is is yet another example of the confusion and uncertainty for US businesses the trade war is causing,” T. Nicole Vasilaros, senior vice president, government and legal affairs of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, told Trade Only Today. “Some boating and fishing related products will still face the higher tariff in September while others will benefit from a slight delay. Regardless of the timeframe, this is not a sustainable way to do business.”

USTR said it plans to publish an exclusion process for all List 4 products. It has not revealed a timeframe or instructions for the exclusion process.

“We hope the Administration will sit down with the Chinese and both parties will make a binding deal— one that addresses intellectual property infringement while recognizing the realities of global supply chains,” said Vasilaros.