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US Sailing panel will set national standards

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US Sailing is creating a national team of subject matter experts who currently or recently have on-water instruction experience in the disciplines of sail, power or paddle watercraft.

The subject expert team will develop, for the first time, a set of national on-water instruction standards for recreational boat operators that require a minimum level of instruction.

“This new set of standards will represent a consensus of opinions from a wide representation of people and organizations that have vast expertise in boating education and training and skills development, using hands-on and on-water instructional approaches,” according to the organization.

The team will represent government, non-profit association, industry, professional, community and public stakeholder interests. It will be named by the oversight committee from a pool of eligible candidates identified through an application process.

“We believe that the open application process will result in a team membership with diverse experiences and backgrounds not dominated by any single interest that will be reflected in the development of the standards,” US Sailing government relations committee chairman Jim Muldoon said in a statement.


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