VEC Composite Technology debuts new Web site


VEC Composite Technology launched a new Web site featuring the benefits of its composite manufacturing process.

The updated Web site features information on VEC Composite Technology, applications, the production process and more. The patented, computer-controlled manufacturing process guarantees every composite part built with VEC is made to exacting standards of fit and finish, according to the company.

"VEC Composite Technology has been producing products of the highest quality and most exacting precision for many years," president John Wirt said in a statement. "We have proven that VEC Composite Technology saves time and money through our production of thousands of boats, storage containers, recreational vehicles, transportation equipment and more. We are currently working on revolutionizing the production of wind turbine blades for the wind energy industry."

VEC Composite Technology computers control myriad variables that reduce styrene emissions by more than 90 percent, according to the company.

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