Vessel Assist station opens in Arizona

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Capt. Ross Baker opened Vessel Assist Lake Pleasant, Ariz., an on-the-water towing company for recreational boaters and anglers.

Located at Scorpion Bay Marina and Yacht Club, Vessel Assist Lake Pleasant has a 23-foot Parker response vessel rigged for marine towing. This includes extra fuel, engine fluids, pumps, dive gear, and a battery "jump pack" to handle dead batteries.

Baker originally hails from Southern California, where he worked in the sportfishing industry for 15 years, and was second captain on two sportfishing vessels. He is also a Vessel Assist towboat captain on Lake Havasu and the Colorado River.

Baker and his captain, Merrill Demeritt, have a combined 20 years of commercial diving and salvage experience, and both are licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The new company is also hazmat-certified.

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