The Vessel-Retriever from Marine Flotation Products gives marina owners and salvage companies a new way to respond to sunken vessels. Whether the damaged boat is in a slip, on a mooring, or at sea, Vessel-Retriever quickly lifts it out of harm’s way, according to the company.

Engineered for mobility and temporary use, the Vessel-Retriever consists of two inflatable pontoons in a catamaran configuration. It includes an inflator pump and all hoses and connections. Placed at the vessel’s bow, Vessel-Retriever quickly inflates and unrolls under the hull. It raises the boat from the water for towing while still on the lift.


When deflated, the lift rolls into a portable, easily stored package.

Vessel-Retriever is custom-made to the specifications of a marina owner or salvage company, based on the type of boats most commonly retrieved. Pontoons are made of 32-ounce rip-stop polyester, laminated on both sides with polyurethane. Working air pressure is 3 to 6 pounds per square inch, produced by a 4-hp, 110-volt pump.

Vessel-Retriever sells for about $600 per linear foot. Contact: (720) 301-2475,