Vessel Vanguard debuts new iPad app

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Vessel Vanguard launched a new app designed to give boaters an easy way to manage maintenance requirements for their boat, its systems and equipment.

“Since launching Vessel Vanguard three years ago, it has always been our priority to bring the boating community simple yet powerful tools that effortlessly inform them of needed maintenance and inspections,” Vessel Vanguard founder and CEO Don Hyde said in a statement. “Our new app puts key information at users’ fingertips to help them better maintain their boats from anywhere in the world — all for greater peace of mind.”

The new app includes universal integration of telematic data in an effort to provide technicians with more detailed information from engine and equipment sensors before maintenance tasks are begun.

Interactive deck maps will be available to provide users with access to equipment location, photos and access points for all on-board equipment.

"The platform we have created serves the needs of everyone in the ecosystem of boating, from manufacturers and their dealers to service departments, lenders and insurers — and, first and foremost, the boat owners,” Hyde said. “This is more than an app. It’s an answer to the complexities of the most sophisticated asset that most consumers will ever own."

“Vessel Vanguard is a recognized leader in vessel maintenance management,” chief marketing officer David Hensel said. “This new app is another example of how we are using our expertise in both maritime and mobile technology industries to help boaters transform the ownership experience.”

The Vessel Vanguard iPad app will be available to download free from the App Store on Feb. 28.


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