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VesselVanguard integrates telematics data

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VesselVanguard said in a statement that it integrated the Boatrax IoT gateway into its management platform for boatbuilders and boat owners.

Boatrax is a Miami-based telematics services provider that has created back-end connectivity to process data from any IoT or telematics gateway, according to the statement. The technology simultaneously informs the boat owner and service providers of suggested next steps based on OEM recommendations within each digital boat profile.

The core of the cloud-based VesselVanguard application is the automated delivery of preprogrammed maintenance instructions conforming to time-driven intervals recommended by OEMs. Adding telematics data eliminates guesswork and informs users of upcoming tasks.

Additionally, OEM-recommended benchmarks established within the VesselVanguard profile can be analyzed against known performance variables to detect abnormal performance or potential failures.

“With the development of communication protocols like NMEA 2000, the quantity of data available is unimaginable, but how to use that data is not always understood,” Arturo Malave, Boatrax CEO, said in the statement. “It’s without question that the value of a telematics solution to your boat, to tap into that data, is incomparable. This integration with VesselVanguard is vital to help translate data into actionable next steps for simpler boat ownership.”

Added Don Hyde, VesselVanguard CEO: “This is a big step toward creating a more simplified boat ownership experience that is now expected by the emerging boat buyer demographic. This new integration achieves a cohesion between OEM recommended maintenance intervals and actual on-water experience by translating the information into plain language. We are providing a solution that goes beyond IoT gateways and algorithms and focuses on making the data useful to everyone in a boat’s ecosystem.”


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