VIDEO: Angler nabs 482-pound halibut in Alaska

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A California angler on a fishing trip near Alaska’s Glacier Bay hooked the “catch of a lifetime,” a 482-pound halibut.

Jack McGuire, 76, and three of his friends were on a weeklong fishing trip when the experienced angler hooked a fish that felt as big as any he’d ever caught.

After a 40-minute battle, it was charterboat captain Rye Phillips who caught the first glimpse of the massive Pacific halibut being pulled to the surface.

“All of a sudden [Phillips] said, ‘Oh, my God. This is a monster,’ ” McGuire told the Orange County Register. “And this is a captain who has seen a lot of fish.”

This fish — when landed — weighed 482 pounds and measured 95 inches. It trumped the 459-pound Pacific halibut caught off Alaska’s coast in 1996 and considered to be the world record.

But the catch didn’t meet International Game Fish Association world-record regulations: The halibut was shot, then harpooned before it was hauled aboard.

The largest recorded non-IGFA Pacific halibut ever pulled in was a 495-pounder caught near Petersburgh, Alaska.