VIDEO: Canadian builder expands into Maine

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A New Brunswick company recently expanded to Maine and is building boats for the fishing industry, search-and-rescue and other purposes in Eastport.

Millennium Marine, which said more than a year ago that it planned to expand to the Maine city, has been operating in Eastport for about a month.

Millennium distributes and sells to fisherman and commercial interests on both coasts of North America. The company also designs and builds boats for research, recreation and other applications. Millennium’s newest boat, announced last week, is the “Eastporter,” designed for recreation, leisure and coastal cruising.

“There were many reasons to factor in my decision to move to Eastport,” Millennium Marine president and CEO Cory Guimond told the Bangor Daily News. “One was the quality craftsmanship I believe that I would be able to find here.

“I spoke to some key people in the community, some business people, who assured me that the work force would not be a problem, and that has proven so.”

Guimond said he has been very pleased with the workers he has hired. Millennium has 12 employees in Eastport, said John Miller, the company’s communications director.

Guimond hopes to have 20 or more by the end of July and said employment could reach 30 by the end of the year.