VIDEO: Dead fish spur change in North Carolina law

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Officials in North Carolina plan to change the law for catching striped bass after thousands of dead fish were released into the water last weekend.

The state's division of marine fisheries will replace the current 50-fish-a-day commercial trip limit, which has been in place for 15 years, with a 2,000-pound-a-day limit to avoid the need for fishermen to throw back dead fish, WAVY-TV reported.

Last week, an overloaded net prompted fishermen on a commercial trawler to release thousands of striped bass they caught off Bodie Island, officials from the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources said.

Click play to watch video taken of the dead fish floating in the water.

After towing through a school of striped bass, fishermen on the trawler Jamie Lynn found that the net was so full it was too heavy to bring onto the boat. To retrieve the net, the fishermen had to open it and release the fish, the boat captain said.

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