VIDEO: Discover Boating teams with RBFF on Hispanic marketing

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Discover Boating's new “Story of Discovery,” in partnership with the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, introduces the Vazquez family, a Hispanic family that enjoys family time together on a boat.

The Vazquez family’s story is now available in English and Spanish on RBFF’s will feature the Spanish version with the capability of toggling to the English version.

The Vazquez family documentary is the fourth installation in the new “Stories of Discovery”series, which incorporates stories of real boaters as part of Discover Boating’s national marketing campaign.

“When we embarked on this strategy we knew we had something special in being able to put real boaters front and center to tell their own story about how they discover boating,” Discover Boating president Carl Blackwell said in a statement. “Having a family that was bilingual will help us with our efforts to invite more Hispanics into the boating lifestyle while allowing us to find synergies by co-promoting this effort with RBFF’s extensive Vamos A Pescar initiative.”

“The boating and fishing industries have a great opportunity to utilize this and other resources to incorporate a Hispanic voice in their consumer messaging,” RBFF president and CEO Frank Peterson said. “The inclusion of the Vazquez family in the Vamos A Pescar and Discover Boating campaigns represents a great step in ensuring the Hispanic market is engaged in recreational boating and fishing, which contributes to critical state conservation projects.”