VIDEO: After fall, former NFL player swims for his life

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Wearing only Jockey brand underwear, former Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders player Rob Konrad approached a Palm Beach police officer about 4:30 a.m. Thursday after falling off his boat and swimming about 10 hours before reaching shore.

Konrad, 38, remained at Good Samaritan Medical Center in West Palm Beach as of late Friday, suffering from hypothermia, but he is expected to be fine, a family friend told the Palm Beach Post.

The former NFL fullback said he left the Hillsboro Inlet in Deerfield Beach about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday and that about 1 p.m. he tripped and fell overboard as his 36-foot Grady White was on autopilot to the Bahamas, according to WPTV, an NBC affiliate.

Friends became concerned when he did not return by dinnertime. The Coast Guard says it dispatched a helicopter to look for Konrad and his boat. It was found in the Bahamas, but the Coast Guard did not specify the location.

Even long-distance swimmers say Conrad's 9-mile swim for survival is amazing.

"2:30:10 I'm very impressed. Extremely impressed. Can you imagine keeping your face in the salt water for so long — that alone would really wreak [havoc] on him, and then you have salt water going into your mouth, which swells your mouth and tongue," swim coach Chazz Chiamardas said.

Police say Konrad's personal assistant reported him overdue to the Coast Guard. She told police he was scheduled to take the boat to Riviera Beach Marina for repairs. She had taken his car to the marina so it would be there when he arrived.


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