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VIDEO: Flooding washes away boats in Missouri

Flood waters washed away more than 100 boats and RVs from a St. Louis-area storage facility.

Flood waters washed away more than 100 boats and RVs from a St. Louis-area storage facility.

The water reached a depth of 12 feet at the facility and two storage buildings were stripped of 100 yards of the metal sheeting that paneled it.

“The strength of the moving water was amazing. We are finding units a mile away,” Bill Zielonko, owner of Lighthouse Storage, told Channel 5 KSDK.

Owners were being asked to come and identify their boats.

“They’re emotional. A lot of these have sentimental value,” Zielonko said. “Even [the boats that] floated out of here — the engines were wet, the insides destroyed, and they were crashing against trees and other boats. You take on mother nature, and you lose.”


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