VIDEO: Florida Marine Tanks gains two U.S. patents


After recently celebrating its 40th anniversary, Florida Marine Tanks achieved another milestone.

The company was awarded two U.S. patents, the first for its fuel tank with an internal evaporative emission system (U.S. patent 8,807,162), and another for its fuel tank with an internal fuel shutoff system (U.S. patent 8,807,160).

Both help Florida Marine Tanks' products comply with EPA regulations on diurnal emissions.

"Being awarded these U.S. patents is validation of our company's hard work and quality products. We're very proud of our knowledgeable and skilled engineering team," company president Rosemarie Fiori said in a statement. "Creating EPA-compliant tanks is an industry effort and we're all working together to make boating safer and more enjoyable. These patents help us build the systems needed to do just that."

Invented by Florida Marine Tanks' engineering director, Orestes Monterrey, the company's unique systems have all of the components needed to meet EPA compliance inside the fuel tank. Because all components are internal, redundancy is built into its systems in case of failure.No access points are needed and builders don't have to change the design of the boat.

The tanks will be shown at the Sept. 29-Oct. 2 International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference (booth 1822) at the Tampa (Fla.) Convention Center.