VIDEO: Group seeks to reduce boating deaths in South Carolina

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A South Carolina organization is working to get boaters wearing life jackets, as that state and Georgia ranked in the top 10 for boating fatalities in the nation last year.

Thurmond Lake Power Squadron teaches water and boat safety throughout the year. One goal of the group is to target these lessons toward the younger generation to raise awareness.

"When we see these fatalities out here, it's an unfortunate thing, it does happen, but nine out of 10 times, if not a higher percentage of that, they are not wearing a life jacket or a proper life jacket," squadron member Doug Chalifour told News Channel 6.

The law for PFDs in the State of Georgia states that children under 13 must be wearing one when aboard a moving vessel. In South Carolina, children under 12 must wear a life jacket.

As a mother, Joanne Cirincione said a refresher on these rules is good for her children, but it's also good for herself.

"Safety is so important to me, I mean I think so often kids just get lost in the fun and it's really important that they have that little reminder that you don’t want that one day of fun to cause a halt to a whole summer of a good time," Cirincione said.

The Thurmond Lake Power Squadron recently received a grant from the Sea Tow Foundation for $4,000 to house life jackets at the Savannah Lakes Marina for people to borrow all year long.