VIDEO: Large icebergs wash up on Massachusetts coast

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Boat-sized icebergs are washing ashore in Cape Cod, Mass., fueling photographer fodder on Twitter and keeping fishing crews on land.

CBS Boston chief meteorologist Eric Fisher called it a "once-in-a-generation" event because of New England's weather this year.

Fisher told the USA Today network via e-mail that he has never seen ice like this off Massachusetts.

"It's been an amazing winter with some unforgettable scenes. By most accounts, this is likely the most ice we've seen develop since the 1977-78 winter, and perhaps farther back than that."

Newsy spoke to a fisherman with six kids who was worried about making ends meet.

Twelve winter storms affected the United States from Jan. 21 through March 5, The Weather Channel reports. Eleven of the storms struck New England with "at least light snow accumulations" and four of the storms brought "16 inches of snow on Boston," The Weather Channel said.

For Boston, it was the second-snowiest season on record, with 105.7 inches of snowfall, according to The Weather Channel. There were 64.7 inches of snow in February alone, making it the snowiest month in Boston.

Cape Cod photographer Dapixara captured images of a person standing next to the massive pieces of ice that washed ashore in Wellfleet during the past few days.

There have been several remarkable images from the record-setting winter, including one showing nearly frozen waves that was captured off the coast of Nantucket last month.


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