VIDEO: Nightclub promoter crashes boat in Miami


Noted nightclub promoter Michael Capponi was hospitalized after crashing his 25-foot boat into a seawall in Miami.

Surveillance video captured the boat carrying Capponi, 42, and his girlfriend as it barreled toward the barrier in Miami Beach on Friday morning, according to CBS Miami.

Capponi, who reportedly suffered several broken bones, was recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Friends identified the two people on board as Capponi and Brooke Biederman.

CBS Miami said Capponi made a name for himself promoting nightclubs in the 1990s and stays involved in the South Beach nightlife scene.

David Grutman, operating partner of clubs LIV and Story, said “Michael’s worked with us when we opened up LIV and now Story as well. He’s worked with us since our grand opening.”

Capponi is also a noted developer and humanitarian with a particular passion for Haiti.

“Anytime there’s a crisis, Michael’s the first one to mobilize the Red Cross for Haiti or any of the charitable organizations that the nightlife community could help,” Grutman said.

Grutman said he was shocked to hear about the crash. He said Capponi is an experienced boater. Investigators say it’s still not clear what caused the boat to crash.

Capponi and Biederman were rushed to the hospital and Biederman was in critical condition.



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