VIDEO: RBFF wants businesses to engage during Hispanic Heritage Month

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The Hispanic population age 6 and older has reached 36 million, but the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation said only 4.2 million of them went fishing in 2018.

A large portion of Hispanics don’t feel represented in the sport, said Maria Dominguez, RBFF social media strategist. So the group is asking businesses to re-evaluate their approaches in conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs until Oct. 15.

“This is an opportunity to be more welcoming, to be more inclusive because there’s a beautiful opportunity here,” said Dominguez in a video aimed at marine businesses. “These are people who like the outdoors. When they’re going to fish for the first time they like it. They are comfortable enjoying the outdoors with their family. They care about nature and the environment.

“If they don’t feel represented, they might not go out as much as other people, so let’s be more welcoming,” Dominguez said.

“Nowadays, we have more than 4 million Hispanics fishing, and they’re fishing more and more,” said Bruna Carincotte, RBFF senior public relations and social media manager. “This audience, when they’re engaged, they tend to go fishing more than a typical angler. So it’s a win-win situation.”

Watch the RBFF video here.