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The challenge has grown to include a fleet of competitors.

The challenge has grown to include a fleet of competitors.

Yacht Club de Monaco has expanded its solar-powered boat challenge that will take place July 12-14. The race is now open to boats powered by all clean-energy sources. The goal of the event is to promote and optimize these propulsion systems. It’s organized in collaboration with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Hydros Foundation and the Union International Motonautique.

“Our wish is to bring together a new generation of engineers to imagine and build the motorboats of tomorrow,” said YCM general secretary Bernard d’Alessandri in a statement. “It is an integral part of the principality’s commitment to the environment, spearheaded by our President Prince Albert II. If we want to position Monaco as the capital of yachting, we are duty-bound to play our part in these technical advances. These students are reinventing motorboating, they are creating their future by building a cleaner tomorrow. How can we not support them?”

Here is a video of the event.

Solar energy still has top billing and an endurance race, timed slaloms and two-boat drag races will take place throughout the three days of competition. An offshore race will also take place from Monaco to Ventimiglia. Boats must comply with YCM Offshore Class requirements which means being able to take up to three people and meet technical specifications defined in collaboration with UIM.

For the alternative-power section of the 2018 event, competitors are being given a one-design catamaran hull and the challenge is to build a cockpit for the boat and design the most powerful solar or alternative propulsion system possible.


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