VIDEO: Tracked shark devoured by mystery predator

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Australian researchers had tagged a healthy shark to track its movements as part of a study and they were shocked when the tracking device washed up on a beach four months later just 2-1/2 miles away.

Scientists said data indicated that the shark underwent a 30-degree spike and a rapid 1,900-foot dive. The temperature increase and underwater descent indicate that the shark had entered a larger animal’s digestive tract.

“When I was first told about the data that came back from the tag that was on the shark, I was absolutely blown away,” filmmaker David Riggs said in the Smithsonian’s “Hunt for the Super Predator,” which documents Australia’s first large-scale great white tagging project. “What could kill a 3-meter great white?”

The documentary will air June 25 in the United States.

Click here for the full report from Australia.


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