Waterway Guide's Web site addresses Gulf oil spill

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In light of the Gulf Coast oil spill, Waterway Guide has recently added information on the status of the incident to its Web site.

The site is updated daily with information from local businesses in the immediate area, local government and federal agencies and data on the spill's current and projected path.

Audio clips, photos, videos and important contact information will be updated accordingly. If and when the conditions change, updates will be made to ensure that businesses and travelers have an accurate assessment of the situation.

"We know that due to the constant media coverage, most of the Gulf Coast tourism and boating industry have been dramatically affected by this crisis," Waterway Guide said in a statement. "Our page will be dedicated to not only the latest status on the oil spill, but also to inform the public on areas not affected by the spill.

"Waterway Guide would like to do all that it can to help increase awareness to our sponsors and general public by reminding people where conditions are still safe and that they can continue to visit and enjoy the Gulf Coast as they normally would," the statement said.

Click here for the Web site.