West System 300 Mini Pump Set

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The West System 300 Mini Pump Set makes it easy to dispense the proper ratio of resin and hardener, while eliminating the hassle of measuring by weight or volume.

The company says these calibrated mini-pumps deliver the correct working ratio with one full pump stroke each of resin and hardener. They mount directly on the containers and can be left installed during storage. Each set contains three pumps: one resin pump, a 5:1 ratio hardener pump that fits on 205 Fast and 206 Slow Hardener cans, and a 3:1 ratio hardener pump that fits on West System 207 Special Coating and 209 Extra Slow Hardener cans. When switching hardeners, all the pumps needed are right on hand. To prevent mix-ups, 5:1 hardener pumps will only fit the throat of 5:1 hardener cans, and 3:1 pumps only fit 3:1 cans. The West System 300 Mini Pump Set retails for $11.15. Contact: West System, (866) 937-8797, JCW@gougeon.com, www.westsystem.com.



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