Westlawn honors recent graduates


Some 47 distance learning students and guests turned out July 25 for the fourth annual student Mystic Meet at the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology, located at Connecticut's Mystic Seaport Museum.

Westlawn director Dave Gerr awarded diplomas to two of Westlawn's recent graduates - Milo Fienberg for completing Elements of Technical Boat Design, and Christopher O'Connor for earning his Professional Diploma in Yacht and Boat Design.

Also graduating from Westlawn this summer was Eric Holohan, who was unable to attend the event to receive his diploma in person. Holohan completed the full Westlawn program in 2-1/2 years - one of the fastest times ever - while also completing the Lloyds marine surveying course as well as becoming an American Boat & Yacht Council Marine Master Tech.

After the graduation ceremony, Gerr presented a seminar on planing hull design, showing examples of real boats with problems and boats that ran well. Students were then challenged to analyze the behavior of existing vessels.

Gerr also presented a lecture on Critical Details in Boat Design, in which he discussed such subjects as dry and wet exhaust systems, sea chests, rudder foil shape optimization, remote helm stations, soft patches and the importance of machinery access, roll reduction and anchor handling considerations.

The remainder of the afternoon was devoted to one-on-one reviews and critiques of design work which students had brought to the meeting, as well as to answering student questions.

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