Westlawn Institute drops anchor in Maine


The Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology and The Boat School announced that the Distance Education and Training Council inspected and approved Westlawn Institute's new offices in Eastport, Maine.

"The synergies between the boat-centric city of Eastport, The Boat School and Westlawn are already producing results, with Westlawn staff providing guest lecturers to the Boat School," DETC executive director Mike Lambert wrote in his report to the accrediting committee.

On July 6, Westlawn Institute received its revised certificate of accreditation from DETC, finalizing Westlawn's official move to Eastport.

"Westlawn Institute is the oldest school in the U.S. teaching boat design," Westlawn director Dave Gerr said in a statement. "We have always been 100 percent distance learning and distance learning only, so we don't have classes on site. It can seem like there's not a lot going on, but we have over 200 students all over the world. There's a great deal happening behind the scenes. We could be located anywhere, but we chose Eastport as the best fit for Westlawn's mission and we're proud to be new citizens of the City of Eastport."

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