Westlawn Institute program gains accreditation


The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, an international organization representing naval architects in more than 90 countries, accredited the Connecticut-based Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology’s yacht and boat design program.

Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology has a well-deserved international reputation for its programs and it is a pleasure for the Royal Institution of Naval Architects as an international professional society to accredit its yacht and boat design course,” the institution’s chief executive Trevor Blakeley said in a statement.

Both organizations promote and enhance the knowledge and understanding of naval architecture and boatbuilding.

“RINA is one of the foremost organizations dedicated to enhancing the art and science of naval architecture,” Westlawn Institute director Dave Gerr said in a statement. “It’s an honor to have Westlawn Institute’s yacht and boat design program accredited by RINA. Not only does this recognize the breadth and quality of the Westlawn program, but it provides our students and alumni with an additional confirmation of the marine industry’s broad acceptance of Westlawn Institute training.”


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