Winter weather collapses marina roof in Texas


Snow and ice caused a Texas marina to collapse Friday, severely damaging 50 boats at Pier 121 Marina on Lake Lewisville Friday.

The weight of snow and ice sank another boat dock on the North Fork of the White River and two others were rescued as they began to sink, according to the Baxter Bulletin. Eight riverboats and motors, gasoline tanks, oars and life jackets went down with that dock.

“It’s a mess,” Roy Growe, manager of Charlie’s Rainbow Trout Resort on the North Fork, told the paper. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. This place is my livelihood. I could cry.”

Charles Newland, owner of Newland’s Resort on the White River, said he worked for hours in the driving snowstorm, shoving snow and a slab of ice from the roof of his dock.

Five boats were swamped. Motors were underwater for a while, but he believes they will run again after servicing.

Ryan Raymer arrived at the Pier 121 marina to discover that his $150,000 boat was among those stored in the aboveground dock that is now in a pile of debris underwater. “There’s not a whole lot you can do you,” he told CBS. “It’s just one of the unfortunate circumstances, but you have insurance. The biggest issue is going to be getting everything out.”

Many of the damaged boats are worth more than $1 million and there’s concern that other nearby docks also are in jeopardy of sinking.

One boat owner, who was sleeping on his yacht when the dock sank, was trapped under the metal roof and had to be rescued, according to a local CBS affiliate. He escaped uninjured.


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